One of the biggest enemies


Something important that you need to keep in mind is that when eating yoghurt you should always only eat natural “flavorless” yoghurt. The flavored ones that you buy contain scary amounts of sugar, that are completely unnecessary. 

This includes the vanilla, the strawberry, banana, and all of your other favorites, this also means the Greek yoghurt varieties and the ever so popular “Activia”. 

I’ll give you a tip in life:

If any lactose product (ie. Milk, yoghurt, kefir etc. ) contains more than 4,7 grams of sugar per 100g, there is ADDED sugar. 

The 4,7 grams that are already in it is actually lactose, which is a saccharide that is not dangerous to your liver. 

But be careful with all these “less fat” and “light” versions, even in natural yoghurt because the less fat there is in something, the less it tastes. The only way to make it taste good again is, can you guess?


Be aware of what companies are putting into their food, for your own sakes. 


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