Once you go Shake Shack, you never go back

Skärmavbild 2015-05-29 kl. 19.56.17

I can honeslty say that the best hamburger I have ever had, in my entire twentytwo year old life, was in Shake Shack. Fresh ingredients, juicy burger, and the best thing was that it was S I M P L E. No Jalapeno popper salsa nacho goatcheese fried onion ring frills. Just the bun, burger, cheese, dressing, a slice of tomato and a lettuce leaf.

I still dream of this place and can only cry at the thought that the only Shake Shack in Europe is in London.

So I guess you all know where I’m moving next.


13 thoughts on “Once you go Shake Shack, you never go back

      1. I’m 5 hours from NY and 12 from Florida. I think I will go to NY one day and try it and I will tell you then how it was. What is the name of the place? Shake Shack? or that’s the name of the burger? Sorry for my ignorance. 🙂


  1. Ha ha -I literally went to Shake Shack a couple of hours ago today for lunch! We took my mom visiting from CA, where they don’t have it. But my favorite is In-n-Out Burger which we don’t have here!


    1. Oh man that makes me so jealous! But yeah I looove in n out too, love the simplicity of their products and menus! But don’t take it for granted haha I would give anything to have a burger from either right now!


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